Brave Soldier Friction Zone: 2.5oz. Tube


Endurance sports formula. Superior anti-chafing. Sweat resistant....Extended product information

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Occlusive silicone/botanical barrier protects and conditions skin for hours. Helps prevent blisters and reduce rash irritations. Antibacterial formula helps prevent minor skin irritations.

  • Cyclists: a superior, extremely durable chamois product for hours of riding comfort. Even in wet weather.
  • Triathletes: safe and effective for wet suits and running shoes.
  • Runners: prevent chafing due to clothes or straps rubbing, or blisters from shoes.
  • Winter Sports: safe for use on face, use to prevent wind chafing.
  • Obstacle Course Racing: helps shield skin from obstacle rubbing and rope burns.
  • Hikers/Climbers: prevent chafing due to backpack or rope rubbing.

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